Marvel Legends X-men ’97 Goblin Queen

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Marvel Legends X-men ’97 Goblin Queen

This is one of those pickups that I decided to grab for “just in case”.

Personally, I’m still holding out for Hasbro to release a comics-accurate version of Madelyne Pryor in complete, proper (ahem) risqué attire (hey, it could still happen, lol…). I’m keeping this one carded for the meantime.

While this figure isn’t too shabby, I do find her flesh tone to be ridiculously too pink. It makes her look really odd, particularly when you put her next to proper-toned figures.

It also doesn’t help that her thighs aren’t painted properly (the upper thighs are supposed to be flesh-toned, just like in the cartoon). Oh, Hasbro….


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