Marvel Legends X-men Bonebreaker wave

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Marvel Legends X-men Bonebreaker wave

Wolverine (Return of Wolverine)
Sabertooth (1970s First Appearance)

Wolverine (Return of Wolverine)

Based on Wolverine’s new costume shortly following his resurrection in “Return of Wolverine”, where the villainous mutant known as Persephone uses her powers to overload Wolverine’s healing factor to bring him back to life.

The figure is a retool/ redeco of Apocalypse wave Wolverine with new claws.

Wolverine’s new heat claws are a side effect of his resurrection overclocking his healing factor. The excess energy now manifests as heat on his claws, making them glow red hot. Supposedly, this new ability is tied into his berserker rage and greatly drains his healing factor abilities so much that he passes out for weeks afterward whenever they are used.

Logan is the only figure in the wave that does not have a Build-a-Figure piece. He does come with an unmasked head, though.

The head is the same one from the naked Wolverine from the Callisto and Cyber 5-pack.


Theresa Maeve Rourke Cassidy is the daughter of the X-man, Banshee (Sean Cassidy). Like her father, she possesses the power to emit “sonic screams” that can shatter objects, deflect projectiles and even fly at the speed of sound.

Aside from sharing the same abilities as her father, Siryn has the unique ability to control others through her sonics as well, hypnotizing them, even make them fall in love with her (like the mythical “sirens” of old).

Hasbro just teased a new Banshee figure coming soon, so we can finally have the duo together.


Alexander Summers is the younger brother of Scott Summers (a.k.a. Cyclops). Possessing the mutant ability to absorb ambient cosmic energy, store it and project it as waves of superheated air akin to plasma.

We finally get new effects parts for Havok!!

While it’s great that we’ve gotten some pretty great effects pieces, the big one needs to be pegged into his back. Something you can’t do with the X-force 2-pack version Havok, due to the lack of hole in that version’s back.

The circle on his chest indicates how much stored energy he has left. Once fully drained, Havok requires 17 hours to fully recharge. Havok can also absorb other forms of energy, including x-rays and even gamma radiation.

Aside from his energy powers, Havok is also well trained in martial arts (by Wolverine), though he does not have any superhuman strength or endurance (similar to his brother, Cyclops) and only has regular human levels of stamina.


Gabriel Summers is the third, long-lost Summers brother of Scott and Alex. After the original X-men team is captured by the living island Krakoa, Professor X creates a new team of mutant heroes with Vulcan being their leader to rescue them. The team is killed in action and Professor X opts to erase all memories of them ever existing. Years later, Vulcan is revealed to have survived and now wants revenge on the professor.

Gabriel has the mutant ability to absorb and manipulate all forms of energy, from Cyclops’ optic blasts to even magical energy. He can also generate force fields, fly and even survive the vacuum of space. Like his brothers, Vulcan actually has the vulnerabilities of a normal human being unless he retains the mutant Darwin’s unique powers, it’s only through his manipulation of any nearby energy sources that Vulcan can maintain to be a threat.


Japheth is a flamboyant south African mutant hero and a member of the X-men. He has two semi-sentient slugs (Eany and Meany) that comprise his digestive system. The slugs can feed on anything and everything, then return to their host, which allows Maggot to convert the mass they consumed to supercharge his body, giving the latter super strength, stamina and even the ability to increase his own physical mass.

Maggot’s…er, maggots, Eany and Meany.

Maggot also has the unique mutant ability of psychometry, whereby he can “see” events that have happened or will soon happen around his immediate environment.

Heh, the first time I saw this figure on the reveals, I totally thought he was a villain, mainly due to his dark colors and somewhat evil grin, also due to the lack of any X-men logo markings on his outfit.


Armando Muñoz was once a member of the “back up” team of X-men Professor X had recruited to rescue the original main team that was trapped on Krakoa Island. Becoming trapped and long thought dead on the island, Darwin is eventually rescued by the X-men and he proceeds to rejoin the team.

Darwin’s mutant powers are a form of “reactive evolution”, whereby his body automatically adapts itself to give Darwin the abilities and physical attributes that he needs to best survive. Darwin doesn’t exactly always have complete control over what his body does, in some instances, he suddenly teleports away from battle instead of gaining physical strength to battle stronger enemies.

With his fellow “classmate”, Vulcan.

Sabertooth (1970s first appearance)

Victor creed is Wolverine’s most iconic villain and rival. sharing the same healing factor abilities as Logan, Sabertooth also has increased strength, speed and stamina as well as retractable claws on his fingertips.

While Wolverine has Adamantium metal grafted onto his skeletal structure, Creed does not. It’s one of the few advantages Logan still has over his arch enemy. still, Sabertooth is incredibly powerful and dangerous even without the indestructible metal.

That crazy, evil smile is just funny to see all the time. I sure wish Hasbro included an extra “normal” head for this guy.


The leader of the criminal gang, the Reavers, Bonebreaker (real name unknown) is a cyborg. Like the rest of his gang, Bonebreaker’s body has been outfitted with cybernetic and robotic implants that increase his strength and reflexes. His lower body has been replaced with a motorized chassis that has mounted missile launchers, machine guns and even anti-aircraft weaponry.

Note the orientation of the fuel drums here. The lids are supposed to be facing out.

Heh, foot pegs, reminds me of G.i. Joe vehicles. I guess you can position other Reavers to ride onto this guy.

Engine exhaust cover panel goes here.

A rifle for Bonebreaker is included with Maggot.

Optional fists are also included for this figure with Vulcan.

Other notable members of the Reavers that have been given the Legends treatment include Lady Deathstrike, Donald Pierce, Skullbuster (and Murray Reese).

Donald Pierce from the Hellfire Club SDCC boxset.

Skullbuster from the Caliban wave.

Murray Reese (head only, equipped on the Skullbuster body) from the Caliban wave.

Lady Deathstrike from the Xemnu wave.

The full wave


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