Marvel Legends X-men Ch’Od Wave

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Marvel Legends X-men Ch’Od Wave

Emma Frost
Monet St. Croix
Kid Omega


Scott Summers is often the field leader of the mutant superhero team, the X-men. Gifted with the mutant ability to fire powerful “optic blasts” from his eyes, he is codenamed “Cyclops” by Professor X. A brilliant tactician, Cyclops quickly analyzes combat situations and easily formulates wining solutions.

The figure is based on Cyclops’ appearance during the “Astonishing X-men” comic run. This team was created by Cyclops to actively focus on emergency rescue to foster better human-mutant ties and social acceptance of mutantkind.

It’s a shame the heat effects on his visor is permanent. Also… why does it do that? His optic blasts don’t generate heat.

Huh.. I never realized this in the comics, his cuffs aren’t just simple bracelets, but have design details on the ends?

Sigh.. .it’s too bad the set doesn’t come with any “firing” effects parts for his optic blasts.

Interestingly, it’s noted that Cyclops’ optic blasts actually do not generate any heat. They only produce incredible force, capable of punching through mountains.

Emma Frost

A reformed former enemy of the X-men, Emma Grace Frost joins the team as one of its foremost members. Ranked among the world’s most powerful telepaths, she is capable of reading thoughts and controlling minds. Emma is also even capable of altering memories and mentally sedating her targets.

The figure’s articulation is severely hampered by her cape design. You can’t lift her arms at all, just her elbows. I still prefer the older versions of Emma compared to this one.

For a time, Emma and Scott were an item. I guess with the recent reveal that she’s marrying Tony Stark in the comics means she’s moving on from her romantic relationship with Cyclops?

In the comics, Emma is also able to temporarily boost the powers of those around her for a limited time.


A member of the elite Shi’ar Imperial Guard, Fang is a loyal and fierce warrior gifted with superhuman speed, stamina and reflexes. He also possess flight and teleportation abilities. He often pairs against Wolverine whenever the X-men and Imperial Guard cross paths for various reasons on different occasions, each holding high respect for the other’s prowess and skills.

Like most the figures in this wave, Fang just comes with an extra pair of hands (apart from his BAF piece).

Previously killed by the alien parasitic species known as the Brood, Fang is recently brought back to life, revealing that their species (the Lupak) reproduce by cloning, where they transfer the mental templates of their previous lives into new bodies.

Monet St. Croix

Practically the “perfect mutant”, Monet St. Croix possess a multitude of amazing powers, from super strength to supersonic flight, even telepathic and telekinetic abilities. Incredibly durable, M is able to withstand blows from even the Hulk.

Previously known as the mutant hero Penance, Monet was more often seen in the Generation X comic books.

After joining across several different X-teams in the comics, she has on occasion dated several other mutants, such as Jamie Madrox (Multiple Man) and even Sabertooth!


Christopher Summers is the father of Gabriel Summers (Vulcan), Scott Summers (Cyclops) and Alex Summers (Havok). After being captured by an alien scout Shi’ar vessel, Christopher escapes with a handful of other captives, eventually forming the space pirate crew known as the Starjammers.

Even though he has mutant sons, Corsair himself does not have any mutant powers.

Since he’s supposed to be a “space pirate”, it’s only fitting he comes with a traditional cutlass sword.

The sword can be “sheathed” on a loop in his sash.

Corsair also comes with his trusty flintlock pistol/ blaster.

As a pirate with a “code of honor”, Corsair and his crew often take care to never harm innocent passengers when raiding Shi’ar ships. The Starjammers have also on several occasions even saved the Shi’ar Empire itself from internal power struggles.

Father and son.

Kid Omega

Quentin Quire is brilliant mutant gifted with powerful telepathic abilities, rivalling even that of Professor Xavier. Previously Xavier’s new prized student, Quentin eventually goes over the edge in a teen rebellious streak, becoming a dangerous villain. and has fought the X-men on several occasions. More recently, Quentin has been reformed, thanks to Wolverine taking him under his wing and giving the boy a second chance.

The base body is a reuse of the “First Appearance” Spider-man buck.

While this figure is Kid Omega’s more recent look in the comics, it’s a far less iconic than his original look when he was in his teens and operating as a villain.

Lol.. the slots for the “web wings” are still present. Sigh…

The figure comes with Quentin’s “psionic shotgun”, which he uses to focus his telepathic powers at his opponent. Unfortunately, Hasbro didn’t include a “trigger finger” hand for him to properly grip his weapon. Sigh…


Jonothon Evan Starsmore is a mutant superhero possessing the ability to cast psionic energy blasts from his chest. He is also a low level telepath, using telepathy to communicate with others after the loss of his jaw following the initial activation of his mutant powers.

As his body houses a “psionic furnace”, Jono no longer needs to eat or breathe. It’s hypothesized that he has actually transformed into a being of pure psionic energy.

Due to the loss of parts of his face and chest, Chamber is often angry and sullen about his situation, usually preferring to be alone. After being offered a teaching position at Wolverine’s new school, Chamber becomes more open to others.

With his fellow Generation X teammate Monet.


A member of the alien race known as the Saurids, Ch’Od was a Shi’ar slave freed by Corsair. Later becoming a founding member of the space pirate crew, the Starjammers.

Ch’Od features an opening mouth.

Ch’Od stands roughly 8 inches tall.

He comes with his pet, Cr’reee, a small yet intelligent creature from the planet Lupus.

Aside from possessing superhuman strength and durability, Ch’Od is also an expert marksman and hand-to-hand fighter. He is also a highly skilled starship pilot and weapons expert.

With his fellow Starjammer and captain, Corsair.

The Full Wave


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