Marvel Legends X-men Jubilee Wave

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Marvel Legends X-men Jubilee Wave


Cable’s evil clone

It’s a shame his mask is non-removable.


An improvement over the old Toybiz figure, I just wish it had a removable helmet.

Marvel Now Cyclops

Marvel Now Storm

I love the design for the cape. I just wish it wasn’t so folded up.

Unmasked Wolverine.

Logan is the only figure not to have a BAF piece. He also does not come with a proper “cowled” head. So he just stays unmasked, until you can swap an alternate head on him from other Wolverines.

Hehe, reused from Daken?

I really like the darker colors used here, it’s a huge improvement from the Puck wave Wolverine.


Wow, it took about a decade but we finally get a Jubilee figure. It’s too bad her shades aren’t removable.

At least she comes with effects parts (from Marvel Girl?)

The full wave


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