Marvel Legends X-men – Juggernaut wave

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Marvel Legends X-men – Juggernaut wave

Kitty Pride


I think I’ve always preferred Wolvie in brown rather than the gawdy yellow and blue colors. This is by far the best brown colors Wolverine yet.


Kitty Pride

Ah, Kitty Pride, aka Shadowcat. She joined the X-men very young (14 years old I think?) and is one of the youngest to join the team. She has evolved as a character to the point the she was mature enough to lead the X-men at one point. More recently, Guardians of the Galaxy’s Star-lord proposed to her and she said yes. I’m not sure if there was a wedding ceremony or anything to close the deal though, but she’s currently holding the title of “Star-lord” while her fiance goes about his royal duties.

Too bad we don’t get any optional “phasing” parts for her.

She comes with her trusty dragon-looking alien, Lockheed.

Onslaught’s optional “Magneto” head is included as a follow-up to the previous BAF release. Unfortunately, my Onslaught’s in storage so I can’t take a proper pic.

… Guess this works? Lol…

Personally, I’ve always wanted Kitty and Colossus to end up together. Oh well..


Bobby Drake’s one of the founding members of the original X-men team. In more recent events, Bobby was revealed to be gay, for both time-displaced and modern, adult Bobby Drakes.

The clear plastic Hasbro used here is a bit soft, not bad and I hope it doesn’t turn yellow over time too quickly. However I find that the ankle joints are too soft and Iceman tends to fall over easily.

Too bad he doesn’t come with any ice weapons or effects parts.


Alex Summers is the younger brother of Scott Summers, aka Cyclops. His mutant power is the ability to absorb cosmic energy and fire energy blasts or plasma.

Honestly I’ve never been a fan of this costume design for Havok, I kind of wish they changed it up a bit.

Energy effects.

With his long-time love interest, Polaris. More recently, Havok’s been more romantically involved with Janet Pym (Wasp) from the Avengers.

Man, it’s a shame they didn’t give different effects for these two, it’s not like they fire the same kind of energy. Tsk…

With his older brother, Cyclops.


Rogue’s always been a fan favorite character and I think this is her most iconic costume. Hasbro did a great job here and it’s a major improvement over the old Toybiz version (that “drag queen” face… brrrrr..)

As an accessory, Hasbro included a “gloveless” hand, for her to touch any of your other characters and gain their powers. Pretty cool.

*ahem*, Rogue seems more “endowed” than most other Legends female figs. Fan service, eh, Hasbro?

Now to hope they make a Jim Lee styled Gambit soon.


When this was first announced, I think a lot of people were excited for Jean Grey Phoenix. Sadly, the headsculpt is nowhere as good as most of the other females in the more recent Marvel Legends offerings.

With Cyclops

Man, I think I prefer the Toybiz version more. Luckily the spare heads from the Dark Phoenix 2pack can remedy this problem.

She doesn’t come with any accessories either.

Comparison with the Dark Phoenix from the 2pack.

Another problem I found with this figure is its difficulty in standing up. This is due to the terrible smaller feet they used. Luckily they fixed it in the Dark Phoenix figure as well.


I’ve always liked the character Cable, he’s one of the more interesting X-men I’m somewhat familiar with. It’s too bad his costume here is based on the more modern version of the character. I think I would’ve preferred the classic Liefield (lol… shoulder pads and pouches) look or the designs based on the Marvel vs Capcom games.

What would Cable be without his guns, right?

With his dad, Cyclops.

I love the sculpt work detail on his “techno-virus infection”.

Lots of tattoos (scars?) on this X-man.


No BAF piece but a whole lotta weapons with this fig.

Deadpool is super popular with a lot of folks. I’ve never really read his books but he reminds of Spidey, if Spidey were a bit more homicidal and had ninja training.

His pistols and knife can be stored in holsters and sheathes.

He comes with a shotgun …

… a rifle (railgun?)…

….a bazooka…



…Katana blades…

… and last but not least, a taco, along with an unmasked head to go with the taco. Yeah, this figure’s really got it all. lol….


I was wondering when Hasbro would be getting around to making this guy. Now that he’s here, he’s impressive.

I do wish Hasbro included more joints for the shoulders, so he can do more poses.

Impressively though, he can stand on one foot, you can pose him like he’s about to stomp one of the X-men.

Overall not bad, an improvement over the Toybiz version, but I think Marvel Select’s the best Juggernaut figure to go with my Legends guys.

The Full Wave.


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