Marvel Legends X-men Origins: Wolverine

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Marvel Legends X-men Origins: Wolverine

As part of commemorating the 20th anniversary of the first Fox X-men movie, Hasbro rolled out two figures, namely Wolverine and Wolverine (casual “Origins” version). I went with this one since I didn’t like the yelling face of the one that came with the jacket.

He comes with dog tags, but the etching isn’t good enough to make them readable.

Based on Wolverine’s appearance in the Origins movie, which is set before he gets his Adamantium-grafted skeleton, so we get a set of hands with protruding bone claws.

The set then comes with an alternate “angry face” head and Adamantium-clawed hands.

The likeness for actor Hugh Jackman is really good! Hasbro Face Print technology is something else.

Unfortunately, it seems like the two Wolverine figures didn’t sell well enough to warrant a full X-men movie wave? Too bad. I think it would’ve been a nice update to the original Toybiz versions.


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