Marvel Legends X-men Retro Wave Silver Samurai

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Marvel Legends X-men Retro Wave Silver Samurai

Kenuichio Harada was a professional Japanese criminal with the mutant power to charge almost anything, allowing the charged object to cut through any material except for Adamantium. Donning traditional Samurai armor made of silver, he is named the Silver Samurai.

Both swords can be sheathed on the belt loops.

He comes with a short and a long sword, to allow variation in offence and defense. The swords when used in tandem are called Daisho, meaning “big-little”, giving the swordsman more versatility in combat. The shorter sword is called the Wakizashi and used for close quarters combat.

While often known as a nemesis for Wolverine, this guy actually reformed for a while, even lead the Japanese superhero team Big Hero 6 (yes, THAT Big Hero 6 from Pixar) and even served to protect the Japanese Prime Minister. Sadly, Kenuichio would later die in a ninja attack on his family and later on his son, Shin Harada, would take the mantle of the Silver Samurai to commit crimes.

Funfact Spider-man once teamed up with the cast of Saturday Night Live in an issue of Marvel Team-Up to stop the Silver Samurai, with John Belushi using his Samurai Futaba character to duel with the villain. lol…


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