Marvel Legends X-men Retro Wave Storm (black costume)

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Marvel Legends X-men Retro Wave Storm (black costume)

The back of the cards are different as well, as she is a solo release and not part of a wave this time around.

I really couldn’t decide on whether to go with the white or black costume for Storm, so I ended up getting both versions. Now that I have the black version in hand (it was released later than the white version as a fan channel exclusive), I think I prefer the white costume as it seems to stand out more compared to the black.

Which color you choose will depend on how you plan to set up your display. The black costume is more comics accurate from what I understand, while the white colors is follows the X-men Animated cartoons uniform.

Sidenote: the lightning effects parts are blue on the black costume version, while they were yellow on the white costume version.

There’s actually more paint detail on the white costume’s hair too.


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