Marvel Legends X-men: The Animated Series VHS Wolverine

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Marvel Legends X-men: The Animated Series VHS Wolverine

I don’t think I’ll ever get used to seeing this cardboard tray and paper bag setup when opening up figures.


Easily the most popular and recognizable X-man around, James “Logan” Howlett (codename: Wolverine) is the best at what he does! Gifted with the mutant ability to rapidly regenerate any damage taken to his body (a.k.a. his “healing factor”), Logan is an almost unstoppable fighter!

The figure is a retool of Wolverine from the Apocalypse wave with new shoulder pads, head and cartoon accurate claws.

I’m not too crazy about the new cel-shading motif, but I’m glad it’s not too glaring, unlike how it is with VHS Jubilee. It’s somewhat more tolerable here.

The cowl has wider sides on its mask, faithfully recreating Logan’s look from the 1990s X-Men the Animated Series.

His claws have been retooled to look more like they did in the cartoons (more like thin prongs?)


“Let’s dance, bub!”

Wolverine’s actual age is a mystery as he ages slower compared an average person. As such, he’s seen more than his fair share of wars and gained invaluable combat experience through the decades.

Lastly, as a throwback to the popular meme, the set also features a picture frame with Jean and Scott, as seen in a scene in the X-men the Animated Series, where Wolverine looks longingly at Jean’s photo. Tough luck, bub.

Sidenote: While the set does include extra “non-clawed” hands for Wolverine to hold this picture frame, the hands are all wrong, as they lack the silver pieces on the back of the hands where his claws pop out from. Oh, Hasbro…

Overall, I like it. The colors and new head sculpt are very nice and we finally get a proper cartoon-design based Wolverine, but I can’t say I’m a fan of the cel-shaded deco for this sub-line. Thankfully, the cel-shading isn’t as painfully obnoxious here as the others in this series (Mister Sinister). This and the upcoming Morph figure will probably be the only figures in this sub-line that I’ll be getting, as the rest just don’t seem that good compared to the previous non-cel-shaded versions.


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