Marvel Legends X-men Villains 5-pack

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Marvel Legends X-men Villains 5-pack

This made me laugh out! Lol…

Pretty Boy


A clone of Nathan Summers (aka the X-man hero known as Cable), Stryfe was taken by Apocalypse and raised to become a twisted reflection of the hero. Possessing all of Cable’s abilities and none of the latter’s weaknesses, Stryfe becomes one of X-force’s most dangerous opponents.

The figure reuses some parts from the older Stryfe figure from the 2014 Toys R US Exclusive Jubilee BAF wave, but with comes with a better sculpted head.

I think it’s pretty cool that Hasbro decided to patch up the pins and make this figure pinless, as he is the headliner for this boxset.

The new head sculpt is much bigger and detailed than the old one!

Stryfe from the Jubilee BAF wave.

It’s a shame he doesn’t come with the sword that came with the previous Stryfe.

Pretty Boy

As one of the members of the cybernetically-enhanced criminal group called the Reavers, Pretty Boy often clashes with the superhero group, the X-men.

Thanks to his cybernetic modifications, Pretty Boy has enhanced speed, strength and durability. He also has the ability to telescope his limbs out for farther reach.

The figure is practically all new. Even the legs are ones we’ve never seen before.

Pinless joint design.

He comes with a pair of guns.

The guns come with effects parts that can be plugged into the muzzle of each pistol.

The set also offers “smoke” effects parts for the guns when they’re done firing.


Marshall Evan Stone III was experimented on by the Age of Apocalypse Universe’s fugitive, Dark Beast. Made up of protoplasm, Stone could shape his body to anything he wishes. Taking the codename “Random”, he eventually begins his career as a bounty hunter and occasionally fought against X-Factor, before eventually becoming an antihero ally of the group.

I love the detailed tampographs on this figure’s shoulders.

Random is the only figure in the wave that does NOT have any accessories.

His body still uses the old “pinned joints” design.

In the comics, Random usually can changes his forearms into cannons that can shoot hardened protoplasm made from his own bio-matter. He is also able to regenerate any damage to his body over time.

It’s a shame the set doesn’t feature any alternate forearms for this guy. His left arm is forever stuck in “cannon mode”.


Originally a peace keeping android created in the far future by the Askani, Ambient-Energy Dampening Actualization Module (ADAM Unit Zero), aka Zero is reprogrammed by Stryfe and becomes the latter’s bodyguard and teleporter.

The figure generally uses parts from the old Spider-man UK body.

While Zero is under the control of Stryfe, he is reprogrammed to be mute, rendering it unable to give any criticism for Stryfe’s actions.

As he is a reuse of the Spidey UK body, it’s still the same “pinned joints” buck.

Zero comes with the set’s biggest accessory, a “teleportation portal”. It’s a reuse of the one that came with “Defender Doctor Strange”.

Black details on one side only.


As one of Magneto’s Savage Land Mutates (former normal humans that have been genetically altered to have powers), Vertigo has the ability to generate psychic waves which causes nausea and extreme disorientation in her targets.

The figure is a complete redecoed reuse of the Susan Storm figure from the Super Skrull wave, even the head sculpt is the same!

Her body uses the older female “pinned joints” design (it’s still Sue Storm), which comes with the single elbow joint.

Vertigo can actually use her power on a large group of people, she can also cause her targets to become unconscious.

Ironically, she is not immune to her own power, as Thor was once able to reflect her own psychic waves back at her, affecting her own sense of balance.

The full set.

Overall, pretty decent. At least the set is mostly made up of new, never before released characters. It is a shame that there’s a lot of reuse in this set, considering the somewhat high price point. Vertigo has got to be the weakest one in this set, since I don’t think we’ve ever gotten a full, “head to toe reuse of a character to make another entirely different character” before in the entirety of the Marvel Legends line until now? Sheesh…


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