Marvel Legends Xemnu Wave

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Marvel Legends Xemnu Wave

Dr. Doom (Secret Wars God Emperor)
Dormamu (classic)
The Hood
Lady Deathstrike
Red Skull (classic)
A.I.M. Scientist Supreme

Dr. Doom (Secret Wars God Emperor)

Based on Dr. Doom’s appearance in the 2015 “Secret Wars” storyline. Following the events of “Time Runs Out”, where Doom obtained the powers of the Beyonder, created and ruled over an amalgamated Earth that housed various salvaged alternate reality versions of the Marvel multiverse, called “Battleworld”.

For some reason, my doom came covered in white powder. The powder becomes sticky if you touch it, but fortunately it can be wiped off easily with cloth or tissue. Very strange.

God Emperor Doom comes with Thanos’ skull and spine from the time he tore it out of the titan with his bare hands in the Secret Wars comics.

Lol… hey, the jaw’s articulated.

Despite being a “god”, Doom still carries his Luger pistol.

When “god powers” aren’t enough?

As the all-powerful master of Battleworld, God Emperor Doom is in charge of everything, he finally (almost) gets everything he ever wanted.

Personally, I find the figure superfluous, we’ve gotten several classic Dr. Dooms already and this one doesn’t come with a BAF piece, which makes him extra passable for this wave.

Dormamu (classic)

Ruler of an alternate dimension, the dreaded Dormamu is a master of manipulating mystical energy to do whatever he desires, from matter manipulation, teleportation, creating monsters and even raising the dead. He is often the foe of Doctor Strange.

The figure’s design is based on his 1980s costume version.

I’m not exactly sure what the black thing around his face is supposed to be, but it is removable.

I’m glad it is removable since it can get in the way of his head movement, so to create more dramatic angles with his head, you will have to take the black piece out.

Dormamu comes with flame effects for his hands.

When fighting Doctor Strange in the Dark Dimension, Dormamu has the homeground advantage, due to his fanatic followers’ worship of him giving him strength. Dormamu’s one weakness is being cut off from his home dimensiona which makes him unable to access his mystical Faltine flames.

As interesting as this throwback to the classic comics version is, I think the modern version takes the cake for the “best-looking Dormamu”.

The Hood

Parker Robbins was just a small-time crook, until he had a run-in with a demon. Defeating the creature and then stealing its cloak and boots granted him supernatural powers. He eventually begins on a path to set himself up as a new, powerful crime kingpin in New York, employing dozens of supervillains into his secret cabal.

The buck is a reuse of the ML Stan Lee body.

Sigh, this figure is a mess, the hood tends to ride up too high due to the length of the cape. Who designed this???

In the comics, the stolen boots grant him the power of levitation, while the cloak is able to make Robbins invisible for as long as he can hold his breath, as well providing teleportation capabilities.

While the Hood tends to use standard, non-mystical, tactical weaponry, he does channel his mystical powers through his guns as a focus point and fire destructive “magic bolts” when the need arises.

Effects parts for his guns are included.

Lol.. “angry collector”.

Sigh… they really should’ve included a “non-yelling” head for this figure.

Lady Deathstrike

Daughter of the scientist who invented the Adamantium-to-bone-bonding process, Yuriko Oyama chooses to give herself cybernetic enhancements as well as an Adamantium-laced skeleton and becomes a mercenary and master assassin, often going up against the superhero Wolverine.

Gotta love the cybernetic sculpt and paint details on the arms and torso.

Her waist joint comes with ratcheted articulation. Interesting.

It’s too bad she doesn’t come with any accessories, but then again, I’m not sure what they could’ve included with her either.

In the 1990s X-men the Animated series, Lady Deathstrike was re-written to be a former lover of Logan (Wolverine), something that never happened in the comics.


An evil genius specializing in robotics, Arcade takes assassination contracts and executes his targets placing them in his maze of elaborately-constructed death traps, which is often referred to as “Murderworld”.

The body is a reuse of the usual “guy in a suit” ML buck.

… the shoes are new tooling though.

As a supervillain, Arcade has no superpowers and usually disguises his deathtraps with an amusement park vibe, all remote-controlled by his cane.

Hmm.. for some reason, I can’t help but think of actor Jerry O’Connell. Must be the hair and smile?

The figure comes with an alternate “long-haired” look for the head.

Despite being around since 1978, Marvel has never given readers Arcade’s real name and identity.

I sure wish Hasbro included some sort of backdrop for this guy. He seems out of his environment without any background for the figure.

Red Skull (classic)

Johann Shimdt is a protege of Adolf Hitler and is Captain America’s greatest foe. While originally possessing no real superpowers in the vintage comics, the Red Skull is a scientific genius and a master tactical strategist.

The figure is based on his classic comics appearance.

No Nazi Swastikas here, folks.

Skull comes with a rifle. Lol… yeah, happy Red Skull looks goofy, like a nutty superhero.

Thankfully, he comes with his “serious look” head.

Yeah, now THIS, this is the guy you wanna be afraid of.

Previously in the classic comics, the Red Skull would use a special trick cigarette that would emit a type of poison gas called the “Dust of Death”. Contact with this poison would kill the target instantly and would rapidly change the physical appearance of the corpse’s head to resemble the visage of the Red Skull as a signature technique.

Red Skull also comes with a cosmic cube, capable of altering reality to essentially “grant wishes” and is VERY often used as a plot device in a LOT of stories involving Captain America and the Red Skull.

A.I.M. Scientist Supreme

Based on the Andrew Forson version of A.I.M. Scientist Supreme, Forson is the seventh person to take up the mantle of supreme leader of A.I.M. He possesses no superpowers and but has a genius level intellect. Under his leadership, A.I.M. was able to acquire super-science technology that makes even time manipulation possible.

Sigh.. same as with God Emperor Doom in this wave, this guy comes covered in that secret white powder that turns sticky when you touch it. Is Hasbro smuggling drugs?? Good thing it’s easily wiped off though.

His only accessory is this tablet.

Aside from dealing with superheroes like the Avengers, Forson also has to deal with the likes of M.O.D.O.K. , who plans to usurp A.I.M. leadership from Forson.

Yeah, for this figure to work, you really need to have A.I.M. trooper figures around it.


“Xemnu the Living Titan” is actually an alien who has attempted to conquer Earth several times, only to be usually thwarted by the Hulk or She-Hulk.

The figure is a heavy retool of the Sasquatch body.

The BAF figure is really tall, standing roughly 8.5 inches.

Lol.. ok, to remind folks that this guy is also part-cyborg, Hasbro sculpted his hand to have these details. Nice touch.

Aside from his size and strength, Xemnu also has a gifted intellect that he uses to create genetic monsters. He even has psionic abilities, granting him telepathy, levitation, animation of unliving objects and even grand scale hypnosis, allowing him to control the minds of millions of people all at once. Fortunately, the Hulk is immune to his hypnosis.

The full wave

Overall, a pretty good wave! With the exception of God Emperor Doom and the Hood, the rest are really well done. I love that most of the wave are never-before done characters in the Hasbro line, as opposed to the usual trope of throwing in another Cap, Iron Man, Wolverine into the wave. The white powder on the two figures (Doom and Scientist Supreme) is really gross and Hasbro really needs to address this before it happens again in future releases.


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