Marvel Legends Yellow Daredevil

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Marvel Legends Yellow Daredevil

Daredevil was originally wearing yellow and red when he was first introduced, made to resemble a circus acrobat’s look. His costume would later be changed to the red we all know by issue #7 by artist Wally Wood. This figure is a redeco of the Daredevil figure from the Hobgoblin wave. Strangely, the back of his card features figures from the Rhino wave.

Released way back in 2015 as a Walgreens exclusive, I had completely forgotten about this guy until I saw him in an Amazon suggestion link.

Daredevil is an skilled acrobat, trained martial artist and a stick fighter.

Old “horn-head” comes with two clubs, which can connect to form a longer stick.

Daredevil was blinded in a freak accident involving chemicals when he was young, the same accident also increased his hearing and other senses to super human levels. He was later trained in martial arts by the blind martial artist known as Stick.

This set also comes with a “Matt Murdock” head. It’s actually a reuse of the Marvel Now Hawkeye Head from the Return of Marvel Legends Rocket Raccoon wave.


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