Marvel Universe 2 Packs

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Marvel Universe 2 Packs

Klaw and Captain America
Spiderman and Thunderball
Wolverine and Human Torch
Black Costumer Spiderman and Magneto
Ironman and Spider-Woman (Julia Carpenter)
Ultron and Reed Richards
Hawkeye and Piledriver
Thor and Enchantress
Absorbing Man and Doctor Doom
Thing and Bulldozer
Dark Spiderman and Dark Wolverine
Cyclops and Dark Phoenix
Spiderman and Sentry
Thor and Ironman
Wolverine and Silver Samurai
Deadpool and Task Master
Wolverine and Sabertooth
Quicksilver and Wonderman
Daredevil and Bullseye
Adam Warlock and Thanos
Mister Sinister and Gambit
Spiderman and Doctor Doom
Spiderman and Rhino
Mandarin and Ironman
Executioner and Enchantress
Mechanical Masters (Machine Man and Superior Iron Man)
Cosmic Marvels (Carol Danvers and Mar-Vell)
Supreme Powers (Hyperion and Marvel Now Hyperion)
Web Swingers (Spider-man and Scarlet Spider)
Defenders of Asgard (Odinson and Jane Foster as Thor)
Shield Wielders (Vance Astro and Sam Wilson as Captain America)

Executioner and Enchantress


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