Marvel Universe Gigantic Battles wave 2

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Marvel Gigantic Battles wave 2

Black Goliath with Clone Thor (Clor)

Based on the packaging, Clor here is supposed to sport a “normal” face, I’m sort of glad Hasbro changed the idea and instead gave us a half-torn face to show that it isn’t really Thor.

I still feel it’s strange that Reed Richards never faced jail time for his “creation” killing Black Goliath.

Frost Giant with Loki

Strangely, only the Giant’s left hand has articulated fingers. The right hand’s fixed half-opened grip is too small to hold the axe, as a result only the left hand can hold the axe

Removable Helmet

With Marvel Legends Thor

I never realized how skinny the Giantman/Black Goliath sculpt was. Especially next to the Frost Giant


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