Masters of the Universe Classics – Castle Grayskull

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Masters of the Universe Classics – Castle Grayskull

Preordering this set nets you this exclusive catalogue poster.

Pretty darn huge, roughly 3 feet square?

Sigh… despite all the claims that Matty made a special box to prevent damages to the main Grayskull box, it still wasn’t good enough.

Customs also had to puncture the box for drug-sniffing dogs, unfortunately, they punched a bit too far…

Yowza! Box is GINORMOUS!

Measures 23.5″ x 22.5″x 16.5″

Throwback to the vintage castle box layout.

Lol… some products no longer available? Try almost all products not available… 😀

Hmm.. looking at this tape, makes me kind of wish they didn’t use tape at all here, the yellowing is an eyesore.

Box insides.

Once removed from the box (you might need some help removing it from the box).

Keep an eye out for these hooks on the left side, mine was locked.

Open sesame….

This is how the insides of the castle should look, when you plan to return the accessories inside.

Tray and accessories orientation.

When removing the trays, just cut on one side of the tape, don’t cut both sides of the tape, so that way, it will be easier to return the original castle setup to like what it was when you first opened it from the box. 🙂

Note that the receptacle for the Orb of Grayskull is hidden behind the throne in a baggie.

Castle “flooring” is stored like this. Manual is in the other side.

The “pawn” on the top of the castle is removable, the pawn is accurate for the vintage comics look, but if you want the Filmation look, then you have to remove the pawn.

Castle Exterior.

Excellent detailing on the front door.

Power Swords are used to “open” the locks to Castle Grayskull.

Daddy’s home!

“I have the POWER!!!”

Another slight problem with this playset is that the clearance is a bit too low for He-Man to ride Battle Cat through the opening.

Castle Interior.

The flooring has a huge hole for the Wind Raider or Sky Sled’s stand to “park”, I don’t know, it looks terrible as is, so I just use the pawn to cover the hole, even though the pawn doesn’t lock in place or anything.

Weapons included with the castle.

The Dungeon

Chains for the dungeon (made with real metal).

Err.. wow, low bridge eh? But the figure can fit inside, just needs some proper angling to prop him in first.

The weapons rack (sold seperately) fits in nicely.

Jet pack, I’m not sure if this pays homage to the vintage or if it’s something they just threw in. Hehe, in case He-Man has propulsion envy from watching Stratos? 😀

Combat Trainer.


Shield storage and “secret door”

The secret entrance to Castle Grayskull.

The door.

Scareglow comes with the secret key for this door. I passed on this figure since he never appeared in the Filmation cartoons.

Now, you don’t really need Scareglow’s key to open this door, just push it out from the inside and it will work (there’s no actual “lock” here, just the lack of a handle from the outside, which Scareglow’s key performs as).


The ground floor.


Lol… hollow

Second Floor.

Computer station?

Throne Room

You will need She-Ra’s sword to complete this rack I think.

The throne has a slit for Sorceress’ tail.

Trap door is activated by swiveling the throne.

…. Unfortunately, the trap door doesn’t exactly fall into the dungeon unlike in the vintage toy.

Secret escape door… for when the bill collectors come knocking at the door? 😀

Figures can stand on the ledge, but it can be a bit tricky.

Third Floor
Receptacle for the Orb of Grayskull. Unfortunately, my King Grayskull didn’t arrive on time for when I did this review, so I didn’t have the Orb on hand then.

Orb Chamber is at the top of the castle.

Laser Cannon stand. Take note that one of the notches is smaller than the other.

Castle Flag. You can pick which side’s controlling the castle, good or bad.

Removable Skull heads, can be used to swap heads with you MOTUC figures.

Carry case handle attachment.

The “carry case” attachment is somewhat “one time only”. But you can remove the handle if you attached it, you just have to unscrew the halves, then unscrew the round locks to remove the remaining half of the handle.

Overall, not bad. It’s crazy expensive though and I honestly think we all could’ve saved big bucks if they made the castle even more collapsible like with the 200X He-Man series. As is, the base occupies too much space and leaves too much “empty space” in the rest of the box.

I also would’ve loved it if they had more pieces for the castle interior ground floor flooring. It seems kinda lacking some proper floor space. Especially if you park the Wind Raider in there.


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