Masters of the Universe Classics He-Man

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Masters of the Universe Classics He-Man

Well, with the arrival of Castle Grayskull, it’s time to breakout He-Man, it’s a shame I don’t have an extra Sorceress to sit on the throne of the playset.

He-Man comes with a “full” Power Sword, and the “half” Power Sword, that’s based on the vintage line.

Finally, a slot for He-Man’s sword on his vest, still, if we want cartoon accuracy, it should be a whole sheathe.

The figure does have a “rocker” ankle of sorts, but it only have a very, very minimal amount of articulation.

“I have the POWER!!”

Axe and shield are homages to the vintage figure.

He-Man, fully loaded.

Wow, he looks big next to a DCUC figure.

The most powerful man in the universe.


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