Mattel Batman 66 Classic TV series Batman and Robin 2-pack

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Mattel Batman Classic 66 TV series Batman and Robin 2-pack

Wow… those tags are just terrible. Whoever thought of putting those in should be dragged out to the street and shot..

The headsculpt is decent, but the body sculpting is really poor. They should’ve taken some liberties and made Batman and Robin a bit beefier. These figures look like poor cosplayers…

The wires in the cape are OK, but I think I would’ve preferred it if they just left them as cloth capes. The wires do seem too long, they stick out at the top and make Batman’s neck look weird.


Man.. too skinny…

Robin doesn’t come with any accessories (unless you count the rope/twist tie).

The Dynamic Duo

The wall accessory is a nice touch…

… but unfortunately, the windows are too small to properly fit anything though for the proper “guest appearance” effect….

… just ask Darth Vader.. .


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