Mattel DC Multiverse Justice Buster CNC figure.

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Mattel DC Multiverse Justice Buster CNC figure.

Since I’m not really that big a fan of the DC live action TV series (they lost me with later seasons of Smallville). I decided to skip on the TV series figures from these waves and decided to just grab the CNC pieces from Ebay sellers.

Arrow : Right Arm
Flash : Head and Armor
Reverse Flash: Torso

The design of this figure is based on the armor that Batman used in the New 52 adventure “Endgame”. Joker had somehow infected the JLA with a virus designed to make them go after Batman with everything they’ve got. Fortunately, Batman activates his “Justice Buster Armor” to stop the JLA’s assault.

Ehh.. the design is a bit dull and bulky, not really as impressive as the Hulk Buster armor. Wish DC designed this armor with a little visual flair. It’s just so bland to look at.

The Justice Buster weighs roughly 475 Grams and stands at 9-9.25 Inches tall.

I really don’t get why there needs to be two pieces to make up the torso.

To get these two parts to lock in properly, you have to align the tabs inside the top part with the main torso. If done right you will hear a loud click. It’s a little confusing.

I bet Damian Wayne Robin will get one of his own down the road, just to beat the Titans. Lol…


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