Mattycollector Exclusive Ghosbusters Proton Wand /Neutrino Wand

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Mattycollector Exclusive Ghosbusters Proton Wand /Neutrino Wand

Box is big! Measures 24.5″ x 7″ x 8″

The Neutrino Wand

Measures roughly 21″

and Weighs 700 Grams.

When you first handle the Wand, the first thing you notice is that it feels light. I wish it had some more heft to it.

Hmmm… hole here. Possible cord plug-in for a possible future Proton Pack?

Metal plate “hook” for Proton Pack. It does seem like the plate will quickly rust?

The electronics require 3x AA batteries to run. Batteries are NOT included.

The Wand features lights and sounds. If you’re a fan of the GB Proton Pack, you will love the “boot up” sound effects from this toy!

Extending nozzle (Wand will not shoot unless the nozzle is extended out).


The Wand will vibrate when you press the “intensify” button. Turning the dial will increase the vibration strength. Pretty cool.

The lighting effect’s even more brilliant in the dark.

Video demo (includes demo for the 2020 Hasbro 2020 Neutrona Wand as well)

I love how the wand can interact with another wand if you “cross the streams”, or have the wands face each other. I haven’t tried it yet but supposedly, there will be some vibrating feedback when you get them too close to each other.

The wand also interacts with the Ecto-goggles, you can see the streams firing at Slimer through the goggles (again, haven’t tried it yet, but that’s supposed to be what happens when Toyguru first pitched the goggles back then).

Man, I really, really just wish they do the Proton pack so we have all the GB gear!


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