Mattycollector Exclusive Ghostbusters “clean” Peter Venkman with Proton Stream

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Mattycollector Exclusive Ghostbusters “clean” Peter Venkman with Proton Stream

Finally! We get a Peter that’s not slimed.

LOL, the bold caps number stamp on Peter’s butt is kind of weird. Wish they just sculpted it in place or stamped the bottom of his shoe.

Peter comes with a Ghostbuster logo display base to help balance the figure when equipping the Proton Stream accessory, but I don’t see it as a necessity.

The Proton Stream accessory connects at various points.

I’m not sure if it will ruin the Neutrona Wand but the Proton Stream connects well enough on the tip.

Since Mattel already mentioned that the Proton Stream will only be exclusive to the Peter set, I decided to bite the bullet and grab four sets of the figure. Sigh.

The four display stands also go well with the rest of the GB team.

“Who you gonna call?”

Funfact : According to the classic Marvel UK Ghostbusters comic, when Slimer was alive he as known as King Remils (Slimer spelled backwards), a greedy, fat, king who died of heart failure.

Funfact 2 : Originally, the role of Winston was meant for Eddie Murphy, and in the first encounter with Slimer, it was Winston who was supposed to get slimed, not Peter.


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