MattyCollector Exclusive Ghostbusters PKE Meter Prop Replica

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MattyCollector Exclusive Ghostbusters PKE Meter Prop Replica

The design for the packaging is very cool, going for a “crate” item effect. I was very fortunate the local customs guys didn’t consider this as an electronic item or they would’ve taxed the S#!+ out of it.

The Psycho Kinetic Energy meter requires 3 AAA batteries to run. The batteries are included. So if you’re worried about the batteries leaking out years from now, best to remove them before storing the Meter.

Right out of the box, you’ll notice that there’s painted “weathering” on the meter, which is kind of cool I guess, giving it a more authentic look.

Electronic lights and sounds.

The speed of the “beeps” are controlled by the dial on the back.

Now there are two settings for the PKE meter, Ghostbusters 1 (push switch to the right) or Ghostbusters 2 (push switch to the left). This changes the directionality of the “blip” on the screen.

GB 1

GB 2

Alright Mattel, bring on the Goggles, and the Proton Pack!


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