MattyCollector Exclusive Voltron Red Lion with Lance

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Matty Collector Exclusive Voltron Red Lion with Lance


I like the figure a lot! It’s just a shame that it doesn’t come with any other accessories other than the spare head. A gun or a sword would’ve been nice.

Lance is more or less only 3.5″, GiJoes are around 3.75″

Red Lion comes with a display backdrop.

If you want to keep the package somewhat intact and prevent Red Lion from rolling around after you open it, I suggest leaving this clear lock in place. You can easily slide the paw in and out of the loop to help keep Red Lion secure later on.

The blade is somewhat tricky to fix into place, the trick is to keep the maw shut, then pry it as little as possible and get the blade in. Opening the maw all the way then having it snap upwards on the blade will not work.

Opening c0ckpit

While the key(Lance’s figure stand) can be used to open the hatch, it isn’t really required, just push the tiny button in the center will release the lock, there’s no actual “key turning” involved (you have to manually pry open the hatches though).

When transforming for Voltron, the tail folds up into this compartment.

“Form Arms….”

There’s a spring gimmick here, push the big, red, rectangular buttons and the legs quickly release.

lol, Lance can also fit inside mouth.

Overall, a decent toy, but I can see where the general fan complaints come from. I hate the color of the legs, it gives off a cheap-looking vibe. The spring gimmicks are annoying, I would’ve preferred more articulation instead or light up features. I guess the major selling points for the figure would be the huge size and pilot figures. Also, there are ratchet joints in sections of the legs, so that was a nice surprise.


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