Maxfactory Max Gokin Genesic Gaogaigar 1.5 Final Ver.

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Maxfactory Max Gokin Genesic Gaogaigar 1.5 Final Ver.


Almost the same except for a few additional pics of GGGG pointing and the words “Final Version” printed under the logo.


Comparison with the first version GGGG (1.5 on the left)

The colors seem brighter (either that or the paint of the first version has started to fade on mine… which is weird since I didn’t display it and only took it out for photos).

Something interesting to note is the change in the color of the “belt buckle”, from yellow to red (If memory serves me right te color should be yellow-orange).

Other changes include the new foam packing material for the feet/claws.

And of course the new tray and extra hands.

Genesic Gaogaigar

Gadget Feather!

Broken Magnum!

Protect Shade!

Will Knife!

Bolting Driver!

Hell and Heaven!!

Gemu Giru Gan Go Gufo…


Display tray

Now comes with an additional block for holding the new extra hands.

The new “pointing” finger accessory. It’s actually a shame they didn’t include this with the first release.

Eleven Planetary Masters of Sol, I will destroy you all!!

Next to the Kotobukiya Sozetsu Gokin series Gaogaigar and Gaofighgar.

Admittedly the Maxfactory GGGG is a bit short next to its bretheren, but you can shaft up the lower legs to add about a quarter of an Inch to make the GGGG a bit taller

The Good
-Same diecast content as the original release.

-Weighs 900Grams with the wings attached.

-Improved paint finish (not so sure about this one since like I said, my first release has started to show signs of decoloraion on some parts, especially the yellow/gold paint)

-Improved joints on some parts- yes, it’s there but it’s subtle:

—Mostly in the claws in the feet. The first release tended to get misaligned and later broken. I have yet to encounter the claws get stuck up.

—The groin joint is still a bit too tight but not “crazy tight” as the first release. I was really hoping for something along the lines of the Maxfactory Mazinkaiser (ratchet jointed groin joints), no luck.

—The joints on the Gadget Gao’s tail seem to be more flexible/ poseable compared to the first release.

-They still included the gloves.

The Bad
-Well… it’s essentially a reissue. Minor improvements and extra hands doesn’t exactly spell “wow”. But it is a good thing for those who haven’t gotten their GGGG yet or if you have the original one but it’s now broken (grumble grumble….stupid claw joints…)

The ugly
-Better watch out for this bicep joint.

For whatever reason, mine was too tight, it could hardly rotate to a 45 Degree position. I had to remove the screw holding the pieces and slowly rotate the bicep. It worked but I’m not going rotate it again. I guess it could be a hit or miss thing.


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