MaxFactory Max Gokin Godannar

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MaxFactory Max Gokin Godannar

Thanks the number of joints in the toy, it’s easily the most poseable super robot toy I’ve ever seen… the down side to it is that pushing the joints to the limit will result in paint chipping particularly in the knee area. :'( (note: by “pushing to the limit” I mean trying to get the knee to go into a letter “V” position, the paint won’t chip if the knee is at the 90degee angle position or more)

.. the good news is, if you’re careful enough you’ll be able to do decent poses without chipping. Except for the wrist area, excessive “hand swapping” will result in chipping in the wrist plug, but the black plastic covers help cover it up


Jump kick

BTW, for some strange reason I can’t seem to get the allen wrentch to loosen up the stand arm.. I didn’t press it any further as the wrentch was starting to chip.

With the other Max Gokins

Weight comparison
-Genesic GGG – 910 Grams
-Mazinkaiser – 460 Grams(510 Grams -wings on)
-Godannar – 470 Grams

Over all the toy isn’t bad, looks really cool(another eye-catching piece with great shelf presence from Max Factory) and has lots of articulation.

The only real downsides would be the paint chipping(which can be avoided if you don’t put it in extremely insane poses and be careful with “hands swapping”), the tight display arm, also some folks may find the double chest articulation a bit on the “loose” side, especially when he’s holding the big sword(I’m ok with it though). Admittedly, the price for this set is indeed a bit expensive I think.


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