Mcdonald’s Super Mario Brothers Happy Meal Toys

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Mcdonald’s Super Mario Brothers Happy Meal Toys

I wasn’t able to get them all, but I guess 5 out of 8 ain’t all bad. .

This one has to be my favorite, it has electronic sound when Mario hits the button at the bottom of the block. Too bad there seems to be no way to remove the batteries.

Princess Peach is only a simple ink stamp gimmick.

Pushing Mario up will lower the flag.

Spring-loaded gimmick, push the tube down and Mario will pop up.

Last but not least Yoshi, he has wheels and a pull-back and release gimmick that makes him roll forward.

These are very well made, I’m really surprised by the quality of plastic and paint used here, sure beats the TMNT Happy Meal toys a while back. .


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