Mcfarlane DC Multiverse Batman Beyond

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Mcfarlane DC Multiverse Batman Beyond

Set 20 years after Batman retired from fighting crime, teenager Terry McGinnis discovers Batman’s secret identity and steals a high-tech Batsuit from the cave to avenge his father’s murder. Batman later trains McGinnis to become the new Dark Knight of the future.

McFarlane actually released two versions of this figure, one with the classic, iconic “mouth” sculpted head and another called the “Digitized” version, which features an alternate head sculpt with a cover on Batman’s lower face.

I really love the sculpting on this figure! It looks perfect!

Same as with the other DC figures in the McFarlane Multiverse line, this guy is 7 inches scaled.

The figure has wings that can spread out and peg onto the figure’s forearms.

The wings are on a ratchet joint system that’s plugged into the figure’s back. They can be removed but it involves having to dunk the figure in hot water for a few minutes to pop the connection free. I didn’t feel like going through all the hassle but it can be fairly easily done (or so I’m told).

McFarlane included a flight stand with this set. It’s the same stand that came with their wave 1 Superman

Effects parts are also included with the figure.

They look really great plugged in.

One big downside here is that this set comes with an out-of-place Batarang. It’s not the correct “circular” Batarang that we usually see Batman Beyond use. To get the correct Batarang, you will have to buy either the Batwoman Beyond or the 2021 reissue Batman Beyond figure (the one that doesn’t come with the flight stand, but comes with Future’s End Batman Build a Figure piece instead).

Overall, I love it!! McFarlane Toys really did a great job here. I do wish the wings could be taken off more easily and that it came with the proper Batarang, but that aside, this figure is visually super impressive. Easily my favorite McFarlane figure release thus far.


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