McFarlane DC Multiverse Flash Movie Batman (Multiverse)

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McFarlane DC Multiverse Flash Movie Batman (Multiverse)

Lol!! Since the figure is very securely locked into the plastic tray, chances are you’ll pop the mid torso ball joint free trying to remove the figure from the packaging.

Based on Batman 1989’s “updated” appearance in the Flash movie. Thanks to Flash’s time travel attempt to save his mother from being murdered, he inadvertently changes the world, resulting in this older variation of a retired Batman. In this world, Bruce Wayne lives in total recluse and has since retired from crime fighting after finally ridding Gotham City of crime.

Batman’s “ears” have been thickened a lot on this figure for child safety reasons. It sort of lessens the screen accuracy of the figure a bit.

A really big part of me wishes the belt was yellow like the original outfit instead of all black.

The figure comes with a huge cloth cape. It’s pretty impressive they went this far. I was seriously expecting a simple straight-cut cape like how they did it with the Adam West Batman ’66 figures.

It folds up really well, giving the cape some well-deserved weight to pull it down.

For accessories, “Michael Keaton” Batman comes with his “gas-propelled Grapnel gun”.

The gun is a bit too thin for the right hand to hold it properly and can only be held by the figure’s left hand.

Lastly, the figure comes with a Batarang (thankfully).

Overall, I like it! It’s been ages since we last saw the original “Dark” Batman that saved the franchise from all the campiness of the 1960’s version. I just really hope the Flash Movie does the character justice and not ruin anything.


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