McFarlane DC Multiverse The Batman

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McFarlane DC Multiverse The Batman

Based on Warner Brother Studios’ latest Batman movie, “The Batman”, where the bat goes up against a serial killer that’s somehow connected to his family’s past. Meanwhile, Batman also has to contend with Gotham City’s notorious crime families.

Sigh, for whatever reason, McFarlane Toys decided it was “cool” to have the figure always looking to its left.

I never noticed this in the movie, but the ends of the cape aren’t the usual design for Batman. Still interesting, regardless.

Batman’s also sporting a collar for his uniform this time around, very “Dracula”. Lol…

Hmm… I’m not entirely sure what’s going on with Batman’s gauntlets, he never used these pointy sticks I think?

Lol… “Whistling Birds” from The Mandalorian?

For accessories, he only comes with his grapnel gun.

In the movie, I’m fairly sure Batman’s uniform had a holster for his Grapnel gun on his right thigh. Too bad it isn’t recreated here.

Overall, the figure is decent enough. I just wish it came with more accessories, but this is the way things go with DC McFarlane figures. This movie will always have a special place for me as being the first movie I finally watched in cinemas since the pandemic locked down pretty much everything for almost a year. I enjoyed the film for the most part (could’ve done without the over-the-top third act IMHO), but I think I’ll draw the line at this figure and not get the rest of the wave, since the designs look really bland for the others.


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