McFarlane DC Multiverse White Knight Azrael Batman Armor

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McFarlane DC Multiverse White Knight Azrael Batman Armor

The redesigned Azrael Batman armor as it appears in the “Batman: White Knight” mini-series. Jean-Paul Valley is a crazed ex-mercenary who was hired by Gotham’s “handlers” to dispose of Bruce Wayne and replace him as Batman, going as far as preparing a suit of Bat-armor for Jean-Paul to don as a reward once he accomplishes his mission. He eventually betrays the handlers, steals the armor and prepares to fight Batman to the death for the right to be Gotham’s “protector”.

Somewhat similar to the original Azrael Batman armor in the old comics, this guy has sharp talons instead of fingers. The gauntlets also fire razor sharp Batarangs.

Newly designed dorsal “fins” on his back for this version of the armor, No idea why… they never really do anything in the comic.

He also comes with his “Sword of the Order of St. Dumas”, which is actually capable of lighting up with flames thanks to a gimmick in the sword, unfortunately, the effects part is only available with the McFarlane Azarel figure, I didn’t feel like getting that one since I already decided on getting just one Azrael figure and this guy is it.

Because of the armor’s bulk, you can’t have this guy hold the sword with two hands, unfortunately.

Figure stands roughly 7.5″ tall.

His shoulder pads are actually on a ball joint.

This guy is tall! The armor really makes him look really big and imposing, even next to Batman.

Overall, probably the most popular and “in demand” White Knight figure in the McFarlane line, this guy is also the least poseable in my opinion. The armor’s bulk and cape really get in the way of working some action poses for it. Regardless, it’s still really imposing and looks menacing enough even when it’s just standing.


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