McFarlane DC Retro Batman 66’ Villains Lair

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McFarlane DC Retro Batman 66’ Villains Lair

A large playset for villains from McFarlane’s Batman 66’ figure line. Admittedly, I actually don’t have any of them and got these for my older Mattel Batman 66’ figures. The set is loosely based on the “United Underworld” scene from the classic 1966 Batman movie, which featured as a secret villain hideout with the shelves stocked with props dedicated to some of Batman’s rogues gallery .

The playset when extended out stands roughly 20 inches in length.

A mural featuring the main Batman 1966 villains (why is the Joker wearing green??). In the 1966 Batman movie, the mural originally didn’t feature any of the villains and instead had an octopus with its tentacles wrapped around the world that was meant to showcase the “United Underworld”, or the joining of criminal underworld under one roof.

Center table with a pitcher and saucer.

Various files and Catwoman’s stash of cat food

Crime computer

Oriental folding fan (sticker)

Portrait of penguins (sticker)

Large vase for holding Penguin’s umbrella.

Various riddles, books, Joker’s gadgets and Penguin’s props.

Overall, a pretty good set. Just like the McFarlane Batman ’66 Batcave, this set retails for a really affordable price and comes with a lot of props to make a decent diorama. The plastic may feel cheap and the colors can be a bit eclectic if you’re going for a more serious vibe, but it’s all part of the set’s retro charm.

It’s a shame I didn’t have time to pull out the figures from storage to populate this playset. Ah well… perhaps later on.


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