McFarlane DC Retro Batman 66’ Wayne Manor

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McFarlane DC Retro Batman 66’ Wayne Manor

Windowless packaging?

As there are no instructions, this is how the “secret compartment” should look like when it’s added to the wall.

The lamps plug into the wall here.

The library of stately Wayne Manor. This room holds the secret entrance to Batman’s hidden base of operations, the famed Batcave.

The set measures roughly 23.75 x 10.5 inches in dimension when fully opened up.

Interesting “wallpaper”

Bruce Wayne’s Law diploma. It doesn’t say what school it’s from though. Lol…

Upon initial glance, nothing seems out of the ordinary for this little room, which features some desks, a chair and lamps.

Bookcases and a “globe”.


A desk with a red little phone (which in actuality is a hotline to Commissioner Gordon) and a bust of William Shakespear.

Tilting the head of the Shakespear bust back shows the secret button that opens up the panel behind the bookcase to reveal the sliding poles to the Batcave.

In case you missed it, Batman’s pole is thicker than Robin’s, just like how it was in the show (too bad they didn’t paint them gold here like how it was in the show though).

The bookcase doesn’t really “automatically” slide open, you’ll have to manually push it to the side to reveal the poles.

While it was rarely shown, the only way back up from the Batcave is by using the Batpoles as well. With a flip of the switch, the poles’ base platforms jet Bruce and Dick back up the poles and into the Library. Alfred was able to foil the Joker from accidentally discovering the Batcave by using said platform when he got into Wayne Manor in one episode (the Joker later thinking it was just the manor’s “crazy dumb waiter”).

Overall, another pretty good set. I think this may be the best among the three released so far. The colors don’t look too gawdy, unlike the Batcave and the Villain’s lair. I’ve also seen some folks actually chain two library sets together to make a wider backdrop and it totally works. The set also works well with Marvel Legends’ X-men figures as a library set up in Professor X’s mansion. A lot of options with this set. It’s a shame this wasn’t released locally, I would’ve loved picking up a second set.

I really hope McFarlane gives us a proper Bruce and Dick in civilian clothes to fill out this diorama, so far, they only released “unmasked” versions of the Dynamic Duo in their costumes and those seem out of place, as it’s unusual for Batman and Robin to be unmasked around the manor, especially with aunt Harriet around.


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