McFarlane DC Super Powers Batmobile

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McFarlane DC Super Powers Batmobile

Do take note of the “fins” of the Batmobile, they’re placed inside one of the clear trays.

The fins do seem like they’re meant for “one time attachment only” so be careful not to plug them all the way in if you plan to return the vehicle into the box.

Batman’s iconic, custom-made, tactical pursuit and capture vehicle. Equipped with state-of-the-art non-lethal weaponry and tracking capabilities. The Batmobile is an essential tool in Batman’s never- ending war on crime.

The Batmobile spans roughly 14 inches long by 4.5 inches in height.

Decal details for the car’s “taillights” and main boosters.

More decal details for the interior of the vehicle.

With Batman and Robin.

Deployable battering ram gimmick. Just press down on the bat symbol on the hood to release.

Hidden Rocket Boosters. These are attached to a spring, so simply lifting up the lid will allow it to spring up.

It is a shame though that the car doesn’t have its action features incorporated into the interior of the vehicle (the vintage Super Powers version had the battering ram, headlight and capture claw switches all located on the inside of the car, next to Batman). Ah well…

With the Super Powers Wave 1 “Hush” Batman.

Overall, despite not having the same level of depth and detail as the vintage Super Powers Batmobile, it still brings back a lot of nostalgia for folks who really wanted to have a classic SP Batmobile but never got around to getting one. While it’s not a 100% faithful representation of the vintage one, it’s good enough to satisfy that itch. I really hope McFarlane does a Hall of Justice or a Batcave to go with this line too at some point down the road.


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