McFarlane DC Super Powers Batwing

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McFarlane DC Super Powers Batwing

Annoyingly, there’s a bit of tape on the canopy to keep it from jumping up in the package. Unfortunately, this means that the adhesive from the tape will eventually mark the plastic. Grr…

Batman’s aerial attack vehicle, the Batwing allows the Dark Knight to travel far as fast as possible, as well as carry enough heavy firepower to get almost any job done.

I have to admit it seems a bit undersized for my taste.

Pushing down on the Bat symbol will release the spring-loaded c0ckpit canopy.

Interior details are all stickers.

Lol… Bat-steering wheel.

The plane’s wings can be folded up, presumably for docking purposes. No landing gear or skis though.

Pushing down on this trigger will activate the capture claw gimmick.

Capture claw.

Overall, not bad, but I do wish it was a tad bigger. It just seems like an oversized glider or something and hardly seems like a proper assault vehicle for Batman. I also wish it had some landing gear or a flight stand to make it look more natural in a display. Still, I guess one can’t argue with the price for this thing. McFarlane priced this one really well to get folks interested in getting into the line and I say it worked. I’m really hoping we get a Batcave down the road.


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