McFarlane DC Super Powers Supermobile

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McFarlane DC Super Powers Supermobile

Do note that it seems like the toy does have some “one-time-assembly only” parts, namely the fin. If you plan to return the toy to the box (like me), remember not to fully push in the tabs for the fins to prevent locking them in.

Superman’s personalized action vehicle. When faced with the threat of Kryptonite or dealing with villains that can directly depower or hurt the “Man of Steel”, Superman rides into battle with the Supermobile to deal with the threat. Created from “Supermanium”, it’s every bit as invulnerable and strong as the Action Ace. Only Superman’s heat vision can melt the metal that comprises the vehicle.

C0ckpit interior details (stickers as usual)

“Jail cell” for holding captured villains.

Unfortunately, the cell is really small, you can’t even fit Batman in there.

Fashioned after the original 1978 comic version of the vehicle, instead of the vintage Super Powers version, this take on the Supermobile features “punching arms” as an action feature, by rotating the knob underneath the toy, the arms swing forward and back.

Sadly, I don’t have a spare Superman figure to open up and pose next to this toy. I’ll wait for the next wave’s New 52 design Superman so I can have a superman figure to place next to this. For now, Batman will have to be a stand-in for Supes.

Overall, not bad. I like the action feature, but the “jail cell” really needs more space. I also kind of wish this came with a Superman figure so we can properly enjoy this without having to hunt down Supes in the wild (really hard to do at this point). Ah well. It’s still a pretty cool ride for the Man of Steel.


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