Medicom Real Action Heroes 1/6 scaled Dragonball Z Son Goku

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The Medicom Real Action Heroes No. 375 Dragonball Z’s Son Goku


Son Goku

I usually stay away from Medicom 12″ figures, mainly because the bodies they use are mostly scrawny or have low, drooping shoulders (typical of most Asian body frames I guess), but seeing how accurate they made Goku, I just couldn’t resist.

Medicom did an exceptional job capturing Goku’s likeness (especially the hair )

Goku’s Gi is also well done, with certain points of the suit sewn and padded with foam to help maintain the “puffy” look of the cloth. The belt has a wire inside to provide additional effect in poses.

One complaint though, even though the Gi is mostly held together by velcro at the back, it’s still very hard to take off the shirt (hence no photos of Goku “shirtless”). The velcro on the belt isn’t that good too, it keeps coming off with the slightest tug.

Comes with extra fists.

Display stand (I didn’t bother setting it up since it’s a generic Medicom RAH display stand)

“All right! Let’s get started!”

“No holding back.”


It pulls off the pose flawlessly.

Genki Dama! (Spirit Bomb!)

Later on, Goku learned to do an even more powerful Spirit Bomb.

(A little help from the BBI display stand)


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