Metaltech 01 Grendizer Deluxe version

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Metaltech 01 Grendizer Deluxe version


I love the gimmick here, the folding fins. In the Anime, whenever Grendizer leaves the Spacer, the fins fold in. But when he is loaded inside the Spacer, the fins pop out again. There’s no real ejecting gimmick here, just the option of folding the fins in or out. Still better than the SOC version, which has you plucking the fins out entirely. 🙂

Spacer weighs 267 Grams without Grendizer

…. And weighs 315 with Grendizer’s upper torso loaded.

The set comes with a “bonus” item, which is revealed to be the Anime accurate head (the default head is based from the Manga).

Popping of the head is a cinch!

Spacer Cross!

Before attaching Grendizer, it’s recommended that you remove the nape/back part of Grendizer’s neck to make him able to look upward.

With the Spin Drills accessory.

Parts swapping required.

Pay attention to the notches, as they are specific to placing the saucers on the left or the right of the Space’s wings.

Hmm… can’t say I’m too crazy about seeing that slot hole on the Spacer… I wish they designed it better.

QC problem?

Display stand

Spacer plugs into the posts here. It’s a bit tight so I don’t know if leaving it on for extended periods of time is a good idea. I kind of get the feeling it will vapor lock one day and then break when the time comes to remove the spacer from the posts.

Comparison with the Soul of Chogokin Spacer.

Dizer Go!


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