Mini Action Series 01 Combattler V

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Mini Action Series 01 Combattler V

An extra sheet is included in the manual, this is important for when you disconnect the feet from the legs, to prevent damaging the locks.

Battle Jet – Piloted by Hyouma Aoi

Similar to the SD version from Action Toys, the Battle Jet does not have a cover underneath for covering Combattler’s face. Ah well..

Battle Crusher – Piloted by Juuzo Naniwa

The boosters and landing gear on Battle Crusher have to be attached separately.

Battle Tank – Piloted by Daisaku Nishikawa

The arms for the blades of the Battle Tank tend to come apart easily, if they do, this is what the assembly is supposed to look like.

Battle Marine – Piloted by Chizuru Nanbara

Battle Craft – Piloted by Kosuke Kita

The drills on Battle Craft can be retracted using the sliders underneath the unit.

Let’s Combine!

Combattler V!

Action Toys finally released their non-Super Deformed version of Combattler V. The figure actually seems like a down-scaled version of the Soul of Chogokin release but with some improvements in the joint system and a much, much lower, budget-friendly price tag.

A waist joint is actually present in the toy! Why didn’t the Bandai engineers think of this for the SOC line???

Likewise, a rocker ankle joint is included here. Nice!

The proportions are very nice on this toy, Action Toys did a good job capturing the likeness of Combattler from the Anime. If one didn’t know better, you’d think this was the Soul of Chogokin Gx-50 Combattler figure just looking at pictures of it.

Combattler only comes with his Twin Lancer weapons.

The blades of the Twin Lancer can be switched onto the “long shaft” handles to make them look “combined”.

Grand Dasher, you can actually deploy Combattler into his Grand Dasher tank mode, thanks to the ankle joints being able to bend forward 90 degrees.

Unfortunately, the treads of the Battle Tank cannot extend so the tank mode is actually resting on Combattler’s chest plate. Be mindful not to “roll” the figure as it will scrape the chest.

Toy stands roughly 6 inches and weighs 61 Grams. Surprisingly, his SD counterpart weighs heavier at 79 Grams.

Comparison with his Super Deformed counterpart.

Overall, a really very nice piece from Action Toys. It’s a fun toy to mess with and pose. Plus the relatively low SRP makes it even sweeter. Highly recommended!


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