MOTU Classics Point Dread & Talon Fighter with Teela 2.0

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MOTU Classics Point Dread & Talon Fighter with Teela 2.0

Box is absurdly huge. Shipping via regular mail costs almost as much as the actual item.

26.5″ x 10″ x 12″

Inner trays and inner boxes

Teela 2.0

Hmm… Pilot Teela? I can’t recall if she ever wore a helmet like this in the show. It’s been ages since I last watched.

She comes with a regular head though ( a lot of fans don’t seem to like the headsculpt. Not cartoon accurate enough I guess?)

Point Dread

Yeah this thing is woefully under-scaled. Not even Lookee or Cowl can fit in there….


The top half splits off so you can plug it into Castle Grayskull (this actually happened in the old vintage mini comics). I believe this was also a gimmick in the original vintage toy.

Talon Fighter

The Cannons can be removed anytime so they can be returned to the box (meaning, it’s not “one-time only assembly”).

…The radar dish, I’m not so sure if it can be removed after assembly. I didn’t want to gamble it, as the roof of the vehicle is clear plastic, so it can crack very easily.

I just opted to leave the radar dish sitting in the port instead of locking it in place.

I’m also not sure if the wings are one time assembly, but I did manage to plug in only the front sections of the wings and not lock in the rear parts all the way in and it held together pretty well. So I recommend doing that if you plan to one day put the vehicle back in the box.

I really love the crazy detailed sculpts and paint that go into the MOTUC vehicles and playsets.

There’s also an optional sticker sheet for the dashboard monitor. I just opted to not apply them.

With Teela

Wow… it’s really roomy in there.

I think you can put 4 Gi Joes in there.

“Perch” has locking points for the Talon Fighter

Again, here I’m not so sure if the perch is one time assembly too. So I just opted to not plug it in all the way and leave it “sitting” in the plug port.

Overall, a bit expensive and scale is a mess (Talon Fighter’s too big, Point Dread’s too small), but it does look good next to Castle Grayskull, which I think is the real selling point of this vehicle.


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