Movie Masters Batman Begins Series

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Movie Masters Batman Begins

Ninja gauntlets.

Huge Batarang

Comparsion with wave 1 TDK Batman.

The TDK looks taller thanks to a taller neck and shoulder pads.

Minor complaint. A friend pointed out the Wave 1 TDK’s card has a puncture hole. I don’t know why either the local distributor or Mattel Asia decided to put a hole in the card.

Even my Movie Masters Unmasked Bruce Wayne has this hole. I don’t really mind since I open my figures anyway but I do think this is a major inconvinience for those who collect MOC or MISB figures (try getting a punctured MOC figure AFA graded and it definitely have a high grade).

Movie Masters Scarecrow.

Comes with Scarecrow mask, perfect for finger puppet shows.

Nothing really impressive about the figure other than the paint wash. The head sculpt is nice though but too bad it isn’t an unmaskable figure.

With Batman Begins

In the comics, Jonathan Crane’s worst fear is actually real bats! Hehe, too bad for him.


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