My Gaogaigar collection

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I am a huge Gaogaigar fan. I was fortunate enough to backtrack the 1997 Takara figures at a decent price back in 2002.

The CM’s Corp.┬álimited Genesic Gaogaigar DX.

The GGG Collection

Takara Gaogaigar, Cms Genesic, Yujin Gaofighgar

Genesic Gaogaigars

With CMS TV Gaogaigar

With Yujin DX Gaofighgar

With Takara GGG

With Takara King J-der

With the whole GGG(Takara) Team

All that Gaogaigar


Takara GGG toys


Takara team and CMs GGG

Extra items: GGG repair bay and Guy’s weapon

Last but not least Shishio Guy and Mikoto Utsugi


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