NECA Classic Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Bebop and Rocksteady

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NECA Classic Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Bebop and Rocksteady


Originally belonging to a gang of street punks working for the Shredder, Bebop was eventually “volunteered” to become a mutant to help fight the Turtles. Oddly, he doesn’t seem to miss being human.

The chains on his left arm can be removed, you just have to unhook the links from the small hooks. Be careful though, the hooks are very small and look fragile.

Heh, my son freaked out when he discovered the colors of Bebop’s pupils when he lifted Bebop’s visor.

I couldn’t get mine to open, but you should be able to lower his jaw down. I didn’t want to force it on mine so I’ll just leave it alone.

He comes with the standard Foot laser pistol.

Lastly, he also comes with the standard Foot laser rifle.

In the cartoons, Bebop actually had a pet turtle on the Technodrome, which he would later on mutate in the evil turtle Slash to help him do his chores (Slash later rebelled and ran away).


The other half of Shredder’s dynamic “dumb and dumber” duo, Rocksteady is Bebop’s best friend and is almost always seen with him together.

He comes with a dagger but it’s not removable.

He comes with the same weaponry as Bebop.

He also comes with a communicator featuring his boss.

His jaw can be pried open.

Bebop and Rocksteady

Bebop is taller at 7 inches, while Rocksteady is a basic 6.5 inches, the same height as Shredder.

The evil Shredder attacks!


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