NECA Classic Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Donatello vs. Krang

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NECA Classic Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Donatello vs. Krang


The brains of the gang, Donatello is the science whiz who whips up the turtles’ high-tech vehicles and gadgets.

Donnie comes with both closed and open Turtlecoms.

His “opened” Turtlecom doesn’t show anyone though, guess April must’ve been kidnapped… again…

His bo staff can be stored on the loop on his belt on his back.

For some reason, Don comes with this variation for alternate hands (right). I feel this should’ve been better suited for Raphael, since he will hold his Sai daggers better with these.

Donnie’s bo staff is … weird. It feels like something he salvaged from rubbish and not a formidable weapon to be used in combat.

Heroes in a half shell!

Turtles and allies (still waiting for Splinter to pop into the line).


Krang’s underside is actually grooved, so he won’t fall easily from his tripod pedestal.

To get Krang into his prototype robot body, you have to first remove his tendrils.

Krang, the evil alien brain that was exiled from his homeworld of Dimension X. He uses his genius and vast knowledge of sciences to create Shredder’s Technodrome and robotic Foot Soldier army, in exchange for Shredder to build him a new robotic body.

Heh, I love these chicken feet-design feet.

Krang stands roughly 4.25 inches.

The evil Shredder attacks!


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