NECA Classic Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Raphael vs. Foot Soldier

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NECA Classic Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Raphael vs. Foot Soldier


The sarcastic, wise-cracking turtle. Raphael usually makes a smart-alecky remark even when there’s trouble. His preferred weapons are his Sais, but since it’s a kid’s show, we eventually rarely see him use them to stab anything.

Since his belt doesn’t really have loops for his Sai daggers to sheathe into, the gaps on his side will have to do.

Alternate hands.

Raph is the only figure to come with a pizza slice.

There’s a hole in the middle so you can poke his Sai dagger into, just like in the intro.

Originally, with the SDCC 2017 boxset, there was a whole box of pizza apart from the slice. For whatever reason, NECA didn’t include the pizza box in the mass retail packs (it was later released with the “Merchandising (re)Color Turtles” in wave 2 though). A dangerous thing to do, especially with four hungry, armed mutant teenagers.

You know this won’t end well…

Heroes in a half shell!

Turtles and allies (still waiting for Splinter to pop into the line).

Foot Soldier

Shredder’s expendable robot army. In the comics these were actually people/ ninjas, but since the cartoons couldn’t show real violence with bladed weapons, they were remade into robots so the good guys can bash them up without mentally scarring children (much).

Similar with the turtles, the Foot have two sets of tones on their bodies for some reason.

The figures are actually reuses of some of Shredder’s bold mold (legs and upper arms).

The figure comes with spare hands so he can do “karate chop” poses.

The Foot Soldier comes with a pistol and a rifle for his weapons (so much for “ninja” weapons).

The evil Shredder attacks!


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