NECA Ghostbusters – Gozer

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NECA Ghostbusters – Gozer

Comes with the following

A lucky find, since it’s been a while since we got these and the NECA GB figures not that easy to come by nowadays. The downside is that the blister was cracked and I’m guessing it wasn’t stored very properly, as there was some sort of fungal growth inside the blister (yes, I know, gross).

I eventually decided to scrub the figure down with a fine toothbrush and used Clear Shampoo to get rid of the bad smell (and any fungal growths on the figure). It didn’t get rid of the smell entirely but it it made a world of difference.

The figure doesn’t really have much in terms of articulation, but it still beats some figures from the Mattel GB Line ( *cough*Zuul*cough*).

Optional “open mouth” head…. kinda reminds me of Vanilla Ice…. or Justin Beiber… lol..

Admittedly, the figure is a bit too tall when compared next to the Movie Masters Ghostbusters figures… but it’s the only available Gozer figure right now.. I guess we can “pretend” she can be taller, being a “god” and all.

Optional “lightning” hands.

“Are you a god?”


“Then, die!”


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