NECA Heroes of the Storm Starcraft II Jim Raynor

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NECA Heroes of the Storm Starcraft II Jim Raynor

Finally!! I’ve always wanted a Jim Raynor figure wearing his battle armor. DC Direct didn’t quite hit it a while back. They released a PVC statue (going for big bucks nowadays) of Jim in his “regular” outfit and released Tychus Finley in battle armor. I was really hoping they would make a simple repaint of that mold for Jimmy. No dice.

But now, NECA has entered the ring. Jim Raynor in battle armor in 6-inch scale!

The tooling is pretty good, it captures the nooks and crannies of the Terran Marine armor.

Unfortunately, the figure’s articulation is VERY limited in range of motion. It’s got a lot of joints, sure, but the bulk of the armor gets in the way and it does limit how much you can pose the figure.

It gets worse when you try to get him to hold his only accessory, his rifle, using two hands.

As is, you’ll have to cheat it and make it look like his right hand is actually holding the grip when it really isn’t, to get the proper “rifle-bearing” effect.

Jim also doesn’t come with any extra hands. Sigh…

“I once caught a fish this big…..”

Overall, not bad, but lots of room for improvement. I hope one day we can get a better figure from NECA or some other toy maker.


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