NECA Robocop

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NECA Robocop

Fictionally set in the city of Detroit in the year 2043, when Detroit police officer Alex J. Murphy is brutally gunned down in the line of duty, he is given a new lease on life by the scientists at Omni Consumer Products (OCP). Alex is reborn as OCP Crime Prevention Unit 001, better known as Robocop!

Robocop’s Prime Directives:
1. “Serve the public trust”
2. “Protect the innocent”
3. “Uphold the law”
4. [Classified]

I love how the figure has a nice metallic sheen to it, like how Robocop appeared in Robocop 2. Officially, the armor is made up of a Titanium shell composite laminated with Kevlar.

When I first opened the package, Robocop’s right forearm would not rotate due to the paint getting inside the joint and hardening it. I was not sure if the peg could handle the torque I was going to apply to break it free.

Thankfully, the peg was much thicker than I thought and the joint broke free no problem. Whew.

The figure has working pistons on its ankles. Nice!

Robocop comes with his trusty Auto 9 sidearm. The sidearm can be holstered on his right thigh just like in the movies and series.

To open up the compartment, just push down on this button on the back of Robocop’s thigh.

Once properly stored inside, the Auto 9 is a bit difficult to see.

Thanks to a built-in internal targeting system, Robocop never misses. It also enables Robocop to have different vision modes.

NECA included an effects part for Robocop to use on its Auto 9.

Sadly, the effects part somewhat lacks the proper visual impact one would hope for. Instead of a proper muzzle flash, we get… smoke? What?

Holding up to 50 rounds of ammunition, the Auto 9 is also capable of firing various types of ammunition depending on Robocop’s needs. Ranging from armor piercing, to explosive, to even flechettes (darts) and non-lethal rounds. For the most part, Robocop would usually fire standard 9mm ammunition as a 3-round burst mode.

In the series, Alex’s son loves the fictional TV cop show “TJ Laser”, where the hero would always twirl his gun into his holster after firing his weapon. It is one of Murphy’s leftover mannerisms that causes him to be identified by his former police partner, Anne Lewis.

Just like in the movie, Robocop comes with an optional swappable right forearm that has the “Terminal Spike”. He would use the spike to plug into computer systems to gain data access across the city. He also used it to kill one Clarence Boddicker in the first movie.

Cobra Assault Cannon

A military grade anti-material weapon intended for use against heavy-armored objects, these bad boys fire powerful high-explosive incendiary rounds that take out their target immediately, just ask the ED-209. Clarence Boddicker and his crew were supplied these weapons by OCP executive Dick Jones in order to kill Robocop.

The “Cobras” are actually older-specification Barrett M82 long-range .50 BMG rifles modified for the movie.

An optional “unmasked” Alex Murphy head is also included.

Great sculpting detail on the back of the head.

The likeness of actor Peter Weller is pretty good.

Last but not least, NECA included a cardboard backdrop insert to place Robocop in.

Overall, I like it! Being a big fan of the first two movies (not the third one, lol) growing up, I’ve always wanted a good Robocop figure and this one certainly hits the marks. I love all the details that went into this figure and it even comes with the Cobra Cannon. The effects part leaves much to be desired, but at least they included it (better than nothing?).

I am on the fence regarding pickup up the ED 209 figure, as a lot of folks said they didn’t enjoy it? I’ll also probably skip the battle-damaged version of Robocop that comes with the maintenance chair, since it doesn’t quite doing anything for me.

“Stay out of trouble.”


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