NECA Street Scene Diorama

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NECA Street Scene Diorama

Outer shipper box (holds 2 Diorama sets)

Box is huge!! Spans 26.5 x 14.5 x 4 inches!

Inner box

Contents of inner box

Sequence of parts “layering” from top to bottom (visual guide for properly returning parts to the box).

Contents of the small box, various knick-knacks.

The wall sections can and should be popped free, if you want to install the windows.

To install the windows, just line them up with the pegs, be careful when removing the panes from the pegs down the road though, they are very thin and I’m afraid they might break eventually.

Further customization options, thanks to these open “bricks”. You can cover them up with the faux bricks.

A downside to this is that the bricks tend to stick out like sore thumbs unless you push them all the way in, which can be difficult and hurtful on the thumbs.

To form up the roof section, you’ll have to use these beams for structural support, they aren’t really necessary but it will help balance any figures you may want to place on the top level.

Connection ports for the cardboard backdrop (6 pieces included).

The pegs for riveting in the cardboard backdrop (4 pieces included).

Street Scene Diorama fully assembled!

Originally released in 2018 at the SDCC and sold as a set with the Movie TMNT, the set was redecoed into a lighter color with a different skyline backdrop and released at mass retail way back in May 2019.

To further distinguish this set from the SDCC one, this one is missing from the SDCC set is the “3 WTRL” and Foot Ninja logos from the wall panels. Also, the window frames on the SDCC were dark brown while this one is done in green.

NECA also offered a website exclusive version last September, 2020, featuring cartoon-styled deco and cardboard backdrop, with added props like a new fire hydrant and the Channel 6 News tower.

The inside of the diorama is VERY bare. it’s a shame there weren’t any interior design ideas here.

I really do wish they included more pegs for the backdrop, it seems kinda weird seeing so many holes up there. They do hold well with even just the default 4 pegs though.

Fully assembled, the diorama spans roughly 25.25 x 28 x 12.75 inches in dimension.

Each level has a clearance of roughly 9 inches. With the second and third levels have a depth of 10 and 5 inches, respectively.

The diorama comes with two different skylines, night or day. It’s printed on a singular hard cardboard. so it’s reversible.

Since the backdrop uses a dark background for the interiors of the diorama (same for both day or night), the insides tend to be dark when viewed through the windows.



Like I said, it’s a shame there’re no real interiors to speak of here, not sure how I feel about it being so orange-y either.

The set can be displayed “per level”, but you should put it with a roof section up to make it look more aesthetically pleasing.

The whole span can serve as a background for at most eight figures, side by side.

The windows can’t move up and down, to do this image, you’ll have to remove the entire pane from the frame.

You can also opt to fold and put the cardboard background up too if you’re just going to use one level. It comes up a bit short though.

Lastly, I think this set was originally designed so that it can be broken down into individual components, based on the floor panels. Unfortunately, NECA decided to glue the rivets in place (I think, they were insanely tough to pull out) and now the individual floor panels can no longer be disengaged. I wonder if they will do something different later on with these?

I just took this setup pic for fun.

Overall, a visually impressive set! There’s always been some sort of unspoken rule about TMNT toy lines and how they somehow always come with at least one playset (except maybe for the Revoltech and S.H. Figuarts ones) and I’m glad NECA toys actually managed to roll out a good playset for their figures. There might not be any actual “play value” but at least it does a great job as serving as a display piece to put their figures in. Best of all, it’s not expensive (relatively speaking). A strong recommend for anyone who has any of the NECA TMNT figures, be it the cartoon line or the movie line.


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