NECA TMNT The Wrath of Krang

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NECA TMNT The Wrath of Krang

Be mindful not to lose these antennae for Krang’s head. They pop off really easily, so it’s a good thing NECA included 2 pieces.

The alein blob of brain, Krang!

To place Krang into the android body, you have to split the upper half off first.

The joysticks for Krang are on a balljoint, do note that they pop off really easily.

An exiled warlord from Dimension X, Krang seeks to return to his homeworld and offers the evil Shredder access to his advanced alien technology in exchange for building Krang’s invincible(?) android body.

The vent on his back is actually sculpted instead of just simply painted. I love how NECA does details like this! I do wish NECA had a bit better QC though, that red smudge on his back is just annoying.

Krang’s very big, he stands roughly 8.5 inches tall.

The back of his tray is meant to look like the interior of the Technodrome.

It works well enough for the figure.

Blueprints for Krang’s body and the Knucklehead vehicle are included.

As crazy as it is, Krang comes with his “bath time” accessories from the episode “Splinter No More”. In the episode, Shredder calls up Krang while the latter is in the shower to get Krang to teleport the Neuro Scrambler to his location to shake of the Turtles on his trail.

The shower cap fits perfectly (you need to remove the antennae and reset it on the cap). He also comes with a “soap on a rope” prop. Wild!

Thanks to the fabric of the cloth, you can wrap it around Krang and it holds together, no problem.

Krang also comes with “baby Shredder”,

Based on the episode “Leatherhead: Terror of the Swamp”, where the Turtles meet the Frogs and Leatherhead for the first time and discover a mutagen-created “Fountain of Youth” in the jungle. Shredder falls into the pool and de-ages into a baby. This isn’t really explored much as it happened at the end of the episode and it’s not shown how Shredder was able to return to normal in the next episode (probably with Krang’s science?).

The tiny terror stands roughly 2.25 inches tall.

Baby Shredder fits snuggly in the Android body’s palm.

Krang’s android body has various defenses and weapons built-in.

The saw blade spins!

Alternate blaster hands.

Spike ball and chains

I really wish I could get more dynamic poses but the feet design and top-heavy figure limit things.

The chain links are diecast metal!

Overall, I love it!! The bath accessories were crazy! I never thought NECA would include something like that in. The sheer number of stuff included with this package is well worth the price of this set. My only gripe is that I wish NECA designed the ankles to be more poseable. Somehow, they feel limited in articulation and that makes it even harder to balance out an already top-heavy big figure.


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