NECA TMNT Traag & Granitor

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NECA TMNT Traag & Granitor

The set comes with wanted posters of the Neutrinos, a band of teenage rebels from Dimension X. It’s really rad that the “posters” are printed on clear plastic pieces.

General Traag

One of Krang’s loyal generals back on Dimension X. The duo accidentally travel through a portal created by Shredder into our world following a high-speed chase of the rebel Neutrinos.

Strangely, my Traag’s head is REALLY loose, you can spin his head around with zero resistance. Is this normal?

His pistol can be holstered. Do note that removing the pistol from the holster can be very difficult due to the sights on the muzzle getting in the way.

Getting the pistol into his hand is also hard due to the small size of the hand’s opening, I’m worried I’ll scratch the paint through repeated equipping. You can also only equip the pistol on his right hand.

Lastly, Traag comes with a communicator so he can call his boss.

General Granitor

The other rock general under Krang’s command. Together with Traag, they lead an army of Stone Soldiers that look exactly like them (minus the medals on their chests).

This marks the first appearance of a Granitor figure in any TMNT toyline.

For some reason, Granitor comes with a mutagen canister, it’s a redeco of the canister that came with Shredder from the 2-pack with Leo. Rumor has it these guys were just ordinary rocks until Krang mutated the rocks using mutagen to create his army? It was never shown on any episode though.

He comes with the exact same pistol as Traag, luckiy, it’s easier to get the pistol in and out of his hands than it is for Traag. Like Traag, he can only equip the weapon on his right hand.

You can use the back of the tray (which features the Technodrome in Dimension X) as a backdrop dio for this rocky duo.

The figures stand roughly 6.75 and 7 inches tall.

With android body Krang.

Overall, a fairly decent set. Unfortunately, it does come with very little in terms of accessories, I think mostly due to the amount of new tooling and amount of plastic used for each of these figures (they’re heavy!). I sure wish they could’ve at least given them the rifles that came with Foot Soldiers though. I was actually going to pass on this pack, but eventually decided to hunt it down after opening the awesome “Wrath of Krang” set, since these guys do blend with Krang very well. These two alone wouldn’t work on a display without that android Krang body.


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