Netflix Voltron Legendary Defender – Legendary Series Voltron

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Netflix Voltron Legendary Defender – Legendary Series Voltron

Speeder Bikes – I never noticed each lion had a uniquely designed bike in the cartoon until I had all them together in this shot.

Let’s form Voltron!

Remember to push down the lion tails all the way in.

I’m not really digging this design for Voltron. The classic design looked better. This one looks too over-simplified and a bit dull, particularly the chest area. The lions looked better individually than as a whole. The only improvement here over the classic is that the lion legs on the forearms can now fold inside their bodies and this creates a “cleaner” look for Voltron.

To disconnect the legs, you just have to push the release buttons. Sadly, the only way to disconnect the arms is by pulling REALLY hard on the arm lions. It was very difficult for me to disconnect the arm lions. I can’t imagine how kids can do it. I will probably sand down the connectors a bit to make it easier to disconnect down the road.

Not really a big fan of this design look for the feet when they form Voltron.

I was really hoping for light up eyes. But no luck, only the chest plate lights up. Worse, it seems the head cannot turn either. Bummer.

Voltron weighs 1358 Grams and Stands roughly 16″ tall counting the head and 19″ tall counting the wingtips.

Form shield!

For some reason, the toy comes with this little shoulder pad that’s meant to be the shield, but in the cartoon, the shield is actually made up of his wings.

Form sword!

I don’t like how the toy has to rely on the Black Lion’s shoulders to rotate the arms, Voltron doesn’t have actual shoulder joints? This causes the chest to go “out of alignment” when posed.

Man… some neck articulation would’ve been really nice here. Sigh…

For the curious, you can put all the Lions loosely together into the box. There won’t be enough space for the big cannons though.

Remember to remove the 3 AAA batteries on the Black Lion before storage.

Overall, it’s not bad for a mass retail item. The lack of neck articulation really hurts it, sad to say, and the difficulty of detaching the arms from Voltron is a really huge problem for kids. I was thinking about getting one for my son but I think I’ll hold out for the smaller Metal Defender version instead. I think my biggest problem with it is the fact that the shoulders don’t have any actual joints. They rotate using the Black Lion’s shoulders, as opposed to the correct rotation point on the shoulders. Very odd to see.


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